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       Product center
  MV Product
     MVB Type Medium-Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
     AMS Metal-Clad Switchgear
     GIU Type Gas-Insulated Switchgear
  High-Voltage Product
High-Voltage Disconnector
GFM Type GIS Switchgear
  Low-voltage product
ITA short-circuit and earthing fault indicator
DZL short-circuit and earthing fault indicator
Charge Indicator
Integrated Switchgear State Indicator
    Talent is the first resource. Itatom development dream is to jointly build a good team.
Management team
     Management practices by a group of well-known enterprises, with production experience in the industry, with deep expertise three groups constitute a multi-disciplinary and can be complementary, harmonious management, creating a meaning through a unique management model: a flexibleorganizational structure, smooth business processes, standardized management system, strict and efficient execution, and humane management culture.
Technical team
    Mr. Liao Han,Appointed to the company's directors and technical advisers. He has 48 years, pressure switches and vacuum technology research experience and reputation in the field of power equipment manufacturing. In his arm, a group dedicated to the development by leaps and bounds of the technology elite, and innovation to create the will, tempering the Endeavour, the pioneers, continuous research and development results into the most advanced products, services, customers, and promote the industry's technology upgrade.
Manufacturing Team
    The company has a group of excellent professional manufacturing personnel, many of them have overseas training experience, both endowed with foreign advanced production experience, can also be fully integrated with the domestic production characteristics, to ensure the quality of Italian electricity lean manufacturing.
Sales Team
    The company's sales team, with a wealth of industry sales experience and the insight to set up the market a bridge between customer loyalty and responsibility, service and old customers, expand into new business. They are ambitious and are based on the domestic, and actively explore overseas markets, dedicated to depict Italy through international growth blueprint.
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